14 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! How are you all? This week, I had basically 0 motivation so I’m posting this post, which I wrote a few weeks ago as a back up. Obviously that means it might not be quite as interesting as usual (if you can call my posts interesting). Hope that’s alright. 

1. I don’t want kids, just because I don’t think I could handle them. I’m fine with kids as long as they aren’t mine, basically. 

2. I have a very neutral wardrobe. Mostly blacks, with some greys and navy blues, and the occasional red. 

3. I want to have a job in medicine. At the moment, I’m thinking about cardiology? Or maybe just working in A&E. 

4. My favourite YouTuber is Dodie Clark, by far. Her voice is so beautiful and she’s just so lovely, and I’m so in love with everything she does. Also her EP Intertwined came out in November, so go and get it because it’s fucking flawless, and this probably sounds like I’m being paid to say this, but honestly I just fucking love her. 

5. My favourite songs right now are Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, Secret For The Mad by dodie, and Lethargy by Bastille (still). 

6. My biggest pet peeve is people chewing with their mouth open. The amount of people at school I’ve told to sort themselves out is unreal. GET SOME FUCKING MANNERS MAN. 

7. I have a (bad?) habit of cracking my knuckles and my neck all the time, which annoys most of friends. 

8. My favourite food is pasta. Like literally any type. Cheesy, tomato, pesto, chicken, lasagne, tagliatelle, spaghetti, penne, tortellini, ravioli – literally any type. 

9. Another favourite food of mine is cheese. The amount of cheese I eat in a week is unreal. My favourite type would probably be baked Camembert, but a good bit of Brie would make my day. 

10. My favourite Disney film is definitely Tangled, although Frozen is a close second. I just love all the songs, especially I’ve Got A Dream and I See The Light. 

11. I’m 5’7″. It is what it is. 

12. Favourite TV show has got to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If anybody out there knows an irl Jake Peralta, tell him to hmu. 

13. My favourite band is Twenty Øne Piløts. Their music has helped me through some tough points, and also Josh is literally one of my favourite humans on this planet. 

14. I can play the ukulele. Or I like to say that. I also dabble in piano sometimes. Just because I’m cool. 

Thanks for reading guys! Leave a comment down below and tell me what you’re getting up to tomorrow!


School Morning Routine

Hello everyone! How are you? This week, seeing as I’ve been back at school for a while, I thought I’d share my school morning routine. 

First of all, I wake up at 6:30am, but stay in bed until about 7:30am (super motivated like). I usually read or go on my phone in that time, or just stare at the ceiling thinking about how much I don’t go to school. Then I go to the bathroom, take my retainer out and brush my teeth. 
After that, I go back to my bedroom, open my curtains and either watch YouTube or put on my morning playlist. Then I cleanse my face with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water, and use the Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream. My favourite lip balm at the minute is the Baby Lips Pumpkin Spice, so I apply that too.
I don’t usually have breakfast because it makes me feel a bit queasy on the slightly jolting bus journey I have to endure each day, but on the rare occasions that my mum’s dropping me off, I have Nutella on toast. 
Back upstairs, I get dressed for school, do. my makeup, and make sure I have everything in my bag for the day, like homework and my sport kit if I need it. 
After that I check my lessons, then head out to the bus stop. Then it’s school. yAy!?!
So that’s my morning routine! I might do an evening routine at some point as well. Anyway, have a lovely day! 

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! The week before last, I went into town as a post exam stress break and may have spent a little too much. I bought some other things (mostly pyjamas), but I picked up quite a lot in Superdrug, so I thought I’d share that with you today!

Rimmel Clearing Complexion powder (£3.99)

I’ve raved about this product way to much, but I was running out of powder so I thought I’d get something I knew I could rely on. 
Garner Micellar Water – Combination (£3.29)

I usually use the normal version of this in the pink bottle but I’ve been quite oily recently and this said it was mattifying so I thought I’d give it a go. 

Superdrug Hydrogel Eye Patches (£1.49)

Did I need 3 packs of these? No. Did I buy them anyway because they were on offer? Obviously. I use these when I’ve got puffy eyes, or when I’m having a relaxing night in, because they smooth out my skin so much, and I’ve yet to find a good eye cream that isn’t the price of a small planet, so if you have any recommendations, let me know!

Victoria Secret Pure Seduction Body Mist (£8)

Fuck me, this smells goooood. Imagine taking a bath in the black and red sweets in Sports Mixture (without the stickiness), and this is the result. I’m mildly obsessed with it already, to be honest. 

Carmex Strawberry Lip Balm Tube (£2.69)

Oh how I love you Carmex. This lip balm is my favourite thing ever. It’s super moisturising, smells gorgeous, and has SPF15 in it, which is great for making sure your lips are protected. 

Thanks for reading guys! What sort of posts do you guys want to see in the future? Leave a comment and let me know! 

Dylann Roof: My Opinions

In case you miraculously haven’t heard of all that’s happened surrounding Dylann Roof, I’ll explain the situation before talking about how I feel. 
On June 17 2015, Dylann Roof entered the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. For an hour, he sat with churchgoers and listened to Reverend Clementa Pinckney talk. Once people began praying, he pulled out a handgun and pointed it at 87 year old Susie Jackson. Her 27 year old nephew Tywanza Sanders tried to talk Roof down, and ask why he was attacking people, but Roof only replied with, “I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go”. Nine people were killed that day, and 3 more injured. 
Dylann Roof was charged with 9 counts of murder, and 3 counts of attempted murder, and on January 10, was sentenced to the death penalty. There has been a lot of controversy over whether he deserves to die, and I thought I’d share my opinion. 
I’ve never really been the biggest fan of capital punishment, because I think it’s just a tad hypocritical to kill people to show killing people is wrong. However, in this case, I believe it’s not exactly a bad idea, because he did plan every last detail of the murder of over 10 people in attempts of “starting a race war”. There are multiple pictures of him posing with Confederate flags, and other racist “memorabilia”, so there is no mistaking this was a hate crime and not just a mass shooting. 
Unbelievably, some people are defending him and saying he doesn’t deserve to die. Maybe he doesn’t, but neither did the nine innocent churchgoers he brutally murdered for no reason other his own prejudices. I have seen people talking about how he doesn’t deserve to die because they think he’s attractive?? Sorry, I didn’t realise having socially praised bone structure made you innocent. Now don’t get me wrong, I am fascinated by serial killers, more in the psychological reasons behind it than the actual murders, but fetishising a racist because you think he’s mildly pleasing to look at is fucked up in ways I can’t even think of. 
Finally, I just want to say that my thoughts are with all the families of Reverend Clements Pinckney, Susie Jackson, Tywanza Sanders, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, Cynthia Hurd, Ethel Lance, Rev. Daniel Simmons, Myra Thompson, and Rev. Depayne Middleton-Doctor. I hope they are all comforted by the decision that has been made. 
Thank you for reading this post guys. I hope you’re all doing well. 

5 Product Face

Hello everyone! As I’m back at school now (rip me and everyone else), I thought I’d share my makeup routine/what products I use for school, and on days where I’m not feeling super motivated to sort my face out. This is quite a natural look, and I really recommend all these products. 
Rimmel Clearing Complexion Powder

Price: £3.99

Rating: 5/5

+: doesn’t feel clumpy, can be used for baking, quite inexpensive

-: can crack easily if it’s closer to empty

Collection Contour Kit

Price: £4.19

Rating: 4/5

+: easy to use, highlight and contour in one, subtle and perfect for school

-: contour can look a little orange if you use too much

Maybelline Brow Satin Pencil Duo

Price: £5.99

Rating: 5/5

+: has brow pencil and powder in one, thin pencil, lasts a long time

-: need another brush to brush into place

Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara

Price: £5 for mini, £17.50 for full size

Rating: 4/5

+: makes lashes look really long, brush is easy to use on top and bottom lashes

-: quite expensive

Baby Lips Pumpkin Spice lip balm

Price: £2.99

Rating: 4/5

+: super moisturising, leaves a nice pinky nude tint

-: colour can be a bit extreme if you use too much 

Thanks for reading guys! How do you like the new format I tried for this post? Let me know in the comments!

2017 Resolutions 

Hello everyone! How’s 2017 been for you so far? I’ve been back at school for 3 days and I already never want to see a book again. Anyways, today I thought I’d share my New Year’s resolution with you, so here goes!

1. Take more care of how I’m feeling 

In the last few months of 2016, i started to realise that I never really felt properly happy. Like sure, there were so many times with friends where I was close to pissing myself from laughing, but I haven’t really been able to sit down and just be happy, so I really want to just talk to people more about how I’m feeling rather than building it all up for a weekly breakdown. 

2. Sort out my wardrobe and makeup

If you know me at all, you know I like to be organised, but I also have no motivation for sorting things out. My major quest for this year is to get everything sorted, throw away things I don’t need, and keep it organised, rather than it dissolving into chaos in 2 minutes. 

3. Eat healthier

At the start of last year, as I do every year, I said I would be more healthy. How did that go? Not very well, as you probably guessed. This year, I am determined to be a healthier person, not just so I can be more confident in my body, but also so I can stop feeling so bloated and grouchy all the time. 

4. Drink more water

Once again, health is a big thing for me in 2017. I had a phase where I drank a bottle of water every day, and my skin had never been clearer. I’m hoping to get back to that stage at some point. 

5. Exercise more

Can you see a theme here? I honestly feel so motivated to sort my life out, and exercise makes me feel so good, so this is definitely going to be happening

6. Save more money 

This one’s pretty simple: I’m broke af and I want makeup. That’s literally it. I just want makeup. 

Thank you for reading guys! Leave a comment and tell me one of your resolutions for this year!

2016 Favourites

Hello everyone, and welcome to my round up of the best bits of 2016! This year has been, but going to lie, a pretty shitty year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everything was bad. Films have astounded me this year, as have music, and TV (thanks @ Netflix). Anyways, here are my favourites from 2016!

Morphe Brushes Travel Kit – 4.5/5

These brushes have literally saved my life and also my eyeshadow. Because Emma got me the Morphe 35O, I was a bit worried my Makeup Revolution Brushes (although good) wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m eternally grateful to the mothership for getting me these. 

Throne of Glass series – 5/5

Do I talk about these books a lot? Yes. Will I stop? No. Is that for good reason? Obviously. These books are literally my favourite thing ever, and I’m pretty sure Queen of Shadows is one of the only good things to come out of 2016. If you enjoy adventure, OTPs galore, and unbelievable plot twists, you will die when you read these. 

dodie – 5/5 (or should I say 6/10 ;)))

Oh. My. Lord. I am in love with this woman. Her music is the only thing that has kept me going through this year. Her melodies, her lyrics, her motherfuckin voice: all to die for. She’s a gorgeous human being, and I love her with all my heart. Also #BuyIntertwinedOnITunes. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 5/5

My, oh my, oh my, how I loved this film. It is hands down one of the best films I’ve seen this year (obviously or it wouldn’t be a favourite but oh well). The script, the cast, the score, and the storyline are all beyond flawless, and I loved every second. (However don’t buy a large Coke when you go to watch this: you will spend the last act of the film prettified that you’re going to actually piss yourself.)

Sense8 – 5/5
Fuck me, man. This shit is good. Honestly, Sense8 is, for sure, one of the best shows I have ever watched, ever. The characters: amazing. The actors: stunning (especially Max Riemelt, hello). The storyline: fuck me once again, breathtaking. The way the collaborative scenes are edited is the most gorgeous thing I have seen all year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I do not know what you’re doing with your life. 
Thank you for reading, and for all the support you’ve given me this year! I’m still a pretty small blogger, but I hope that in 2017, I’ll gain even more support from lovely people such as yourselves. I hope you all have a great 2017!