may favourites

Hello, hello, hello, you beautiful lot! Long time, no see (or read?). My exams are finally over, thank god, and I’m finally free to binge as much Netflix as I want. Sorry about not posting last week – Duke of Edinburgh was way too hard to organise. Unbelievably, I managed to survive 3 days walking in 27° heat with a 15kg bag on my back. I’ve returned for good, with a bunch of posts planned throughout summer that I hope you’ll enjoy. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and actually get to a post. 


Bad Gal Lash mascara

This mascara makes my stumpy little lashes look absolutely amazing, which is a first. It gives so much length and volume, and is the blackest mascara I’ve ever used. The only downside is that it isn’t waterproof, so if I wear it on my bottom lashes it smudges really quickly, and smudges around my lash line throughout the school day, so I think I’m definitely going to try the waterproof version (if I ever find some money)!
(Only one beauty favourite as I have been an actual slob for the past month – exams have a slight priority over me actually looking human)

M E D I A 

Sense8 season 2

Ho-ly. Fuck. This shit’s good. I rewatched the first series in preparation for it, but they did such a good job of tying things together I probably didn’t need to. If you don’t already know, Sense8 is about 8 people all over the world whose minds are linked together. They drop into each other’s lives to help out and investigate other stuff that’s happening (I won’t reveal too much). I would highly, highly recommend! I was going to say something about how releasing another season in May is not a good idea, but seeing as Netflix are absolutely dickheads, that doesn’t matter anymore, because they’ve fucking cancelled it. So yeah, fuck you, Netflix. 
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Every review I’ve seen of this film has been amazing, and none of them are lying. It’s got all the humour that the first one has, and a soundtrack just as good (or maybe even better). Baby Groot is the most adorable thing ever, and I cannot get over Drax’s jokes. I would definitely recommend seeing this ASAP!
M U S I C 

BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

This was my first proper festival, and fuck me it was good. When I first heard it was in Hull, I was absolutely over the moon, because nothing ever really comes here, so for this and City Of Culture to happen was amazing. I think I might do a full post on it because there’s way too much to talk about here. The sets for most of the acts are on BBC iPlayer, so go and check those out!
George Ezra 

Oh the love of year 7 me. I loved him so much then (as in Wanted On Voyage was the only thing I listened to for a solid 2 months), and I’m so excited for his next album. I think a video popped up in my recommended on YouTube, and then I just fell straight into that hole and started watching covers and his whole VEVO channel and… well you get the picture. My favourite song is Listen To The Man (mainly because of the video, oh my god), but I’d say Cassy’O and Barcelona are close seconds. 


This year was the first time I properly watched Eurovision, and thank fuck for that. My friend was extremely excited for it, and subsequently would not stop talking about it, so I thought why the hell not? It is possibly the best time I’ve ever had while home alone. My favourite acts for sure were Moldova, Romania, and Croatia, but that Norway tune is growing on me. I’ve literally got a Eurovision playlist, and a seething rage about Portugal’s (undeserved) win. 
Duke of Edinburgh 

I genuinely never thought this would be something in my favourites, but here we are. The main reason for this is now I’m moving into silver, and also one of the leaders has missed a fair few meetings, which is great because I have a mild hatred for him. The other leaders seem a lot more relaxed without the dickhead around, and I’m loving it. I’ve finally sorted all my sections for bronze and actually feel like I’ve accomplished something, so yeah, that’s cool. 

Okay, thanks for reading guys (if you haven’t all abandoned me after this hiatus lol)! I hope you have an amazing week!


snow & a show: a recap 

Hello everyone! Long time, no see. I’ll apologise now for the lack of posts the past few weeks, but life in general has been quite busy, and I didn’t want to be putting up half-arsed posts for the sake of it. 

Anyway, onto the main subject at hand: my busy month. On 17 February, I set off from school for a ski trip to Italy, which was unbelievable. I loved pretty much every second, apart from the first day skiing, where I realised that, strangely enough, I (a person who has never skied before) could not ski lol. The scenery in the area was absolutely gorgeous and I nearly fell over quite a few times purely because I was admiring the view. Obviously I posted as many pictures I could, but here’s a few more, just for a laugh. 

Then, the rest of February and the beginning of March was pretty nondescript. Just religious exams and school, but also getting really fucking excited for 17 March (obviously 17 will always be a good date for me). Mainly because I was going to see Dodie bloody Clark on stage in the same room as me, and I was going to meet one of my Internet friends for the first time (she’s lovely btw). Rusty Clanton (my actual babe) was the support act, and was so so so beautiful. He managed to sing all of my favourite songs, and made me fall in love with him even more. Then Dodie came on, and dear lord, if I thought I was in love with Rusty, I was blown the fuck away by Dodie. She opened with Absolutely Smitten, and that was exactly how I felt the whole time. Her voice was just breathtaking, and the way the whole audience harmonised with her was beautiful. Also, Will the violinist is 10/10 (I would make a 6/10 joke, but I couldn’t with such a gorgeous man lol). 

I know there wasn’t much to read today, but thanks anyway. Have a lovely day guys!

2016 Favourites

Hello everyone, and welcome to my round up of the best bits of 2016! This year has been, but going to lie, a pretty shitty year for everyone, but that doesn’t mean everything was bad. Films have astounded me this year, as have music, and TV (thanks @ Netflix). Anyways, here are my favourites from 2016!

Morphe Brushes Travel Kit – 4.5/5

These brushes have literally saved my life and also my eyeshadow. Because Emma got me the Morphe 35O, I was a bit worried my Makeup Revolution Brushes (although good) wouldn’t do it justice, so I’m eternally grateful to the mothership for getting me these. 

Throne of Glass series – 5/5

Do I talk about these books a lot? Yes. Will I stop? No. Is that for good reason? Obviously. These books are literally my favourite thing ever, and I’m pretty sure Queen of Shadows is one of the only good things to come out of 2016. If you enjoy adventure, OTPs galore, and unbelievable plot twists, you will die when you read these. 

dodie – 5/5 (or should I say 6/10 ;)))

Oh. My. Lord. I am in love with this woman. Her music is the only thing that has kept me going through this year. Her melodies, her lyrics, her motherfuckin voice: all to die for. She’s a gorgeous human being, and I love her with all my heart. Also #BuyIntertwinedOnITunes. 

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 5/5

My, oh my, oh my, how I loved this film. It is hands down one of the best films I’ve seen this year (obviously or it wouldn’t be a favourite but oh well). The script, the cast, the score, and the storyline are all beyond flawless, and I loved every second. (However don’t buy a large Coke when you go to watch this: you will spend the last act of the film prettified that you’re going to actually piss yourself.)

Sense8 – 5/5
Fuck me, man. This shit is good. Honestly, Sense8 is, for sure, one of the best shows I have ever watched, ever. The characters: amazing. The actors: stunning (especially Max Riemelt, hello). The storyline: fuck me once again, breathtaking. The way the collaborative scenes are edited is the most gorgeous thing I have seen all year. If you haven’t seen it yet, I do not know what you’re doing with your life. 
Thank you for reading, and for all the support you’ve given me this year! I’m still a pretty small blogger, but I hope that in 2017, I’ll gain even more support from lovely people such as yourselves. I hope you all have a great 2017!

November Favourites

Hello guys! How are you all doing? My November got off to a pretty bad start, but other than that it’s been amazing! It was my little cousin’s birthday party, so I got to most of my family that I don’t see very often, and that was great. Anyway, I won’t waffle on any more, so we can get going!

“Boo” bath melt and “Magic Of Christmas” bubble bar from Lush – 7/10, 8.5/10

Unlike the other bath melts I’ve had from Lush, Boo has some bubble in so if your using it with a bubble bar you don’t have to put loads in, and it doesn’t over power the scent. I used it with some of the Magic Of Christmas bubble bar (mixing seasons I know), and my bath smelled like those spiced biscuits, with all the ginger and orange scents. I felt so moisturised afterwards and it’s one of the best baths I’ve had for a while. Also, speaking of Christmas, can you believe it’s only a month away?

The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare – 9/10

I first read these in year 8 (?), I think, after a girl on the bus recommended them to me. I decided to reread them about half way through October, and though I’m only on the third book, I cannot get over how much I love this series. 

Intertwined by Dodie – 10/10

Holy my lord. This is literally one of my favourite albums ever, by one of my favourite people ever. Jesus, it’s too good for my peasant ears. My favourite songs are probably When, and I Have A Hole In My Tooth (And The Dentist Is Closed). 


Prison Break – 8/10

I’ve been binging this since late October, and it has certainly not helped my Netflix addiction. There’s a riveting storyline, such clever plot twists, and amazingly attractive actors (hello there Wentworth Miller). I would seriously recommend it if you have Netflix. 
Thanks for reading everyone! Leave a comment about how your November was and I’ll reply to them all.


September Favourites

Hi everyone! Sorry about not posting last week, I was doing my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and was a bit stressed packing my bag. Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get started. 

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Tin (8/10)

I’m pretty sure this is the only lip balm I’ve been using for the whole of this month, which is quite unusual for me. I just love the way it’s so hydrating without being sticky or greasy. It smells so good, and is definitely going to be used a lot during autumn/winter time. 
Soap & Glory Foam Call body wash (7.5/10)

I’ve been using this every time I have a shower, and my skin feels so smooth and silky afterwards. I like the fact it has a pump because I always seem to pour out too much product, and this is a really big bottle too. 

Throne of Glass series (9.5/10)

Oh. My. God. I have genuinely never read a series more enthralling than this. Celeana is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever read, and I can tell I’m going to reread this so many times (once I’ve finished it, that is). If you enjoy anything to do with assassins, adventure, fantasy, romance, or are just looking for an amazing book, read this. 


Wild World – Bastille (9/10)

As I said in my last post, this album is amazing. My favourite song is definitely Lethargy, but Warmth, and The Anchor are strong contenders for second. The album has quite an indie vibe, which I’m not usually into, but Bastille are my actual babes, so I couldn’t not like this. 

Mr Robot (9.5/10)

I only started this series a week ago because I got the Amazon Prime free trial and I’d heard great things, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m actually obsessed. Quite a few reasons too. 1) Rami Malek is a banger. 2) lesbians portrayed like normal people. 3) although mental health is a major plot point, it’s not exploited like it usually is. 4) plot line is actually un-fucking-believable. 

So that’s my September favourites! I’ve had such a good month, and I’m really looking forward to getting more into autumn so come back next week for my Autumn Essentials!