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Hello, hello, hello, you beautiful lot! Long time, no see (or read?). My exams are finally over, thank god, and I’m finally free to binge as much Netflix as I want. Sorry about not posting last week – Duke of Edinburgh was way too hard to organise. Unbelievably, I managed to survive 3 days walking in 27° heat with a 15kg bag on my back. I’ve returned for good, with a bunch of posts planned throughout summer that I hope you’ll enjoy. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and actually get to a post. 


Bad Gal Lash mascara

This mascara makes my stumpy little lashes look absolutely amazing, which is a first. It gives so much length and volume, and is the blackest mascara I’ve ever used. The only downside is that it isn’t waterproof, so if I wear it on my bottom lashes it smudges really quickly, and smudges around my lash line throughout the school day, so I think I’m definitely going to try the waterproof version (if I ever find some money)!
(Only one beauty favourite as I have been an actual slob for the past month – exams have a slight priority over me actually looking human)

M E D I A 

Sense8 season 2

Ho-ly. Fuck. This shit’s good. I rewatched the first series in preparation for it, but they did such a good job of tying things together I probably didn’t need to. If you don’t already know, Sense8 is about 8 people all over the world whose minds are linked together. They drop into each other’s lives to help out and investigate other stuff that’s happening (I won’t reveal too much). I would highly, highly recommend! I was going to say something about how releasing another season in May is not a good idea, but seeing as Netflix are absolutely dickheads, that doesn’t matter anymore, because they’ve fucking cancelled it. So yeah, fuck you, Netflix. 
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Every review I’ve seen of this film has been amazing, and none of them are lying. It’s got all the humour that the first one has, and a soundtrack just as good (or maybe even better). Baby Groot is the most adorable thing ever, and I cannot get over Drax’s jokes. I would definitely recommend seeing this ASAP!
M U S I C 

BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend

This was my first proper festival, and fuck me it was good. When I first heard it was in Hull, I was absolutely over the moon, because nothing ever really comes here, so for this and City Of Culture to happen was amazing. I think I might do a full post on it because there’s way too much to talk about here. The sets for most of the acts are on BBC iPlayer, so go and check those out!
George Ezra 

Oh the love of year 7 me. I loved him so much then (as in Wanted On Voyage was the only thing I listened to for a solid 2 months), and I’m so excited for his next album. I think a video popped up in my recommended on YouTube, and then I just fell straight into that hole and started watching covers and his whole VEVO channel and… well you get the picture. My favourite song is Listen To The Man (mainly because of the video, oh my god), but I’d say Cassy’O and Barcelona are close seconds. 


This year was the first time I properly watched Eurovision, and thank fuck for that. My friend was extremely excited for it, and subsequently would not stop talking about it, so I thought why the hell not? It is possibly the best time I’ve ever had while home alone. My favourite acts for sure were Moldova, Romania, and Croatia, but that Norway tune is growing on me. I’ve literally got a Eurovision playlist, and a seething rage about Portugal’s (undeserved) win. 
Duke of Edinburgh 

I genuinely never thought this would be something in my favourites, but here we are. The main reason for this is now I’m moving into silver, and also one of the leaders has missed a fair few meetings, which is great because I have a mild hatred for him. The other leaders seem a lot more relaxed without the dickhead around, and I’m loving it. I’ve finally sorted all my sections for bronze and actually feel like I’ve accomplished something, so yeah, that’s cool. 

Okay, thanks for reading guys (if you haven’t all abandoned me after this hiatus lol)! I hope you have an amazing week!


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