review: pride (2014)

Hello guys! How are you all? It’s finally half term and I have never been more excited to sleep. School is just so stressful at the moment, so I thought I would watch a film recommended by my friend, and I did you a little review. I hope you enjoy it!
Pride (2014)

Rating: 9/10

Summary: In 1984, a group of gay and lesbian people realise that they share a common enemy with protesting miners: Margaret Thatcher. They form the LGSM to support miners in a small village in Wales. 

One reason you should watch it: It is guaranteed to put you in an amazing mood. 


Male character: Joe, aka ‘Bromley’ (played by George MacKay)

Female character: Gwen (played by Menna Trussler), or Sian (played by Jessica Gunning)

Scene: singing in the town hall, or Jonathan showing everyone how to dance

Quote: “Jason, you’re a dick”, and “Dai, your gays have arrived”

Thing in general: Andrew Scott’s Welsh accent
Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a film more. My friend has been telling me to watch it since we met, and I’m so bloody glad that she did. When I sat down to watch it, I wasn’t in the best mood I won’t lie, but as soon as it started I was grinning like a five year old – I’ve never smiled so much throughout a film. All the actors are just bloody amazing, and there wasn’t one part that I didn’t enjoy. The one thing I will say is that it is certainly not the most diverse of films [as in I can’t remember anyone who wasn’t white (edit: I rewatched it and I’m pretty sure there just isn’t any non-white cast)], but it didn’t necessarily make it a bad film, it’s just something that should have been improved. 
Thanks for reading everyone! I would really recommend watching Pride, especially seeing as it’s based on a true story. I hope you all have a great week. 


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