what to watch: tv shows

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing amazingly. School is finally finished for Easter, and I have never been so glad. I’ve had yet another mock exam for English lit (please kill me before May 22nd), and obviously the only way to deal with that is procrastinating more revision by watching Netflix, so this week I thought I’d share my favourite things to watch when I need to ignore every deadline and important thing that needs doing. All these shows are available on Netflix UK, so you’re in luck if you’ve got it!

Black Mirror (9.9/10)

Basic storyline: each episode is a different storyline completely, so this is kind of redundant. 

Favourite episode: White Bear (s2e2)

Holy lord. This shit messes with you. Black Mirror is set in the very near future, and is basically about technology and what it could do, and really how we can be affected by it. If I’m honest, that makes it sound like one of those assemblies where the teachers say “mobile phones have ruined humanity”, but honestly it is unbelievably good. 

iZombie (8/10)

Basic storyline: girl gets turned into a zombie, has to work in morgue to get brains, this fucks her up, zombie madness ensues. 

Favourite episode: Love & Basketball (s2e5)

I spoke about this in my February favourites, and for good reason. iZombie is the perfect mix of humour, action, gore, and astoundingly attractive people. The fact that Bradley James is in it makes it a million times better too. 

Lovesick (9/10)

Basic storyline: dude gets chlamydia, has to tell all his exes that they might have it, retells story of each girl. 

Favourite episode: Cressida (s1e3)

Man, I love this show. Each episode is about 20 minutes, which makes it perfect for binge watching in about 2 days (which I certainly didn’t do). It’s got humour, tension, and enough downright stupidity from the lads to hook anyone. 

Stranger Things (10/10)

Basic storyline: kid goes missing, another kid has some freaky shit going on, everybody meets and become friends, lights go dodgy. 

Favourite episode: Chapter Eight: The Upside Down (s1e8)

Oh how I love Stranger Things. I have a phone case and an obsession, let me say that. If you’ve ever doubted the ability of young actors, you can watch the trailer off this and be re-convinced. And then obviously watch the whole series. In roughly 2 days again. The story is so gripping and so bloody 80’s, which together make for the perfect slightly spooky series. 

Sense8 (11/10)

Basic storyline: eight people’s minds are in a cluster, very diverse cast and characters, very attractive cast and characters. 

Favourite episode: Happy F*cking New Year (s2e1)

Fuck me, this is my favourite show that has ever existed in the history of planet earth. This is literally eight unbelievably attractive people (nearly all of which I fancy), whose minds are connected, and who basically turn up in each other’s lives, if that makes sense. Even if it does, you should probably watch it anyway. The dancing scenes are bloody good too. 

Home Fires (9/10)

Basic storyline: small English village copes with World War Two, lots of shit happens

Favourite episode: Episode 5 (s2e5)

Did I binge watch the first series all in one go in one night? Yes. Did I then proceed to watch the whole of the second in the next day? Yes. Am I unbelievably pissed that there isn’t a third series? Fuck me, yes I am. I love this show so much it hurts. I love Claire and little Noah with all my heart, and have a hatred for Bob hotter than the burning pits of hell (you’ll understand if you watch it). 

Scorpion (9/10)

Basic storyline: a group of five nerds, one normal person, a government official, and an extremely smart child save people in a way only a group of absolute fucking nerds could. 

Favourite episode: Super Fun Guys (s2e5)

My my my, I also love this show way too much. Happy will forever be my favourite sarcastic character, and Toby will forever be my favourite hat wearing character. Watch for nerds and fun and humour, and just imagine me sat at home laughing to myself whilst attempting French homework. 

Ultimate Beastmaster (10/10)

Basic storyline: it’s a trick, there’s no storyline, it’s a game show, unbelievably attractive people from six different countries complete an assault course to try and become… ULTIMATE BEASTMASTER. 

Favourite episode: Season One Finale (s1e10)

Terry Crews is a babe, and pretty much the only reason I started watching this. By the cover, I thought it would be some shitty attempt at anime or something, but the moment I saw Terry on that list of names, it was on. Literally everyone on this show is 110% fit af, both athletically and attractively. Warning though: every single American competitor is the most obnoxious and self-confident person the world has ever seen, all at the same time. 

Thank for reading! I hope you enjoyed it, and that you found some more shows to watch. Leave a comment and let me know what your favourite shows are!


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