snow & a show: a recap 

Hello everyone! Long time, no see. I’ll apologise now for the lack of posts the past few weeks, but life in general has been quite busy, and I didn’t want to be putting up half-arsed posts for the sake of it. 

Anyway, onto the main subject at hand: my busy month. On 17 February, I set off from school for a ski trip to Italy, which was unbelievable. I loved pretty much every second, apart from the first day skiing, where I realised that, strangely enough, I (a person who has never skied before) could not ski lol. The scenery in the area was absolutely gorgeous and I nearly fell over quite a few times purely because I was admiring the view. Obviously I posted as many pictures I could, but here’s a few more, just for a laugh. 

Then, the rest of February and the beginning of March was pretty nondescript. Just religious exams and school, but also getting really fucking excited for 17 March (obviously 17 will always be a good date for me). Mainly because I was going to see Dodie bloody Clark on stage in the same room as me, and I was going to meet one of my Internet friends for the first time (she’s lovely btw). Rusty Clanton (my actual babe) was the support act, and was so so so beautiful. He managed to sing all of my favourite songs, and made me fall in love with him even more. Then Dodie came on, and dear lord, if I thought I was in love with Rusty, I was blown the fuck away by Dodie. She opened with Absolutely Smitten, and that was exactly how I felt the whole time. Her voice was just breathtaking, and the way the whole audience harmonised with her was beautiful. Also, Will the violinist is 10/10 (I would make a 6/10 joke, but I couldn’t with such a gorgeous man lol). 

I know there wasn’t much to read today, but thanks anyway. Have a lovely day guys!


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