14 Facts About Me

Hello everyone! How are you all? This week, I had basically 0 motivation so I’m posting this post, which I wrote a few weeks ago as a back up. Obviously that means it might not be quite as interesting as usual (if you can call my posts interesting). Hope that’s alright. 

1. I don’t want kids, just because I don’t think I could handle them. I’m fine with kids as long as they aren’t mine, basically. 

2. I have a very neutral wardrobe. Mostly blacks, with some greys and navy blues, and the occasional red. 

3. I want to have a job in medicine. At the moment, I’m thinking about cardiology? Or maybe just working in A&E. 

4. My favourite YouTuber is Dodie Clark, by far. Her voice is so beautiful and she’s just so lovely, and I’m so in love with everything she does. Also her EP Intertwined came out in November, so go and get it because it’s fucking flawless, and this probably sounds like I’m being paid to say this, but honestly I just fucking love her. 

5. My favourite songs right now are Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran, Secret For The Mad by dodie, and Lethargy by Bastille (still). 

6. My biggest pet peeve is people chewing with their mouth open. The amount of people at school I’ve told to sort themselves out is unreal. GET SOME FUCKING MANNERS MAN. 

7. I have a (bad?) habit of cracking my knuckles and my neck all the time, which annoys most of friends. 

8. My favourite food is pasta. Like literally any type. Cheesy, tomato, pesto, chicken, lasagne, tagliatelle, spaghetti, penne, tortellini, ravioli – literally any type. 

9. Another favourite food of mine is cheese. The amount of cheese I eat in a week is unreal. My favourite type would probably be baked Camembert, but a good bit of Brie would make my day. 

10. My favourite Disney film is definitely Tangled, although Frozen is a close second. I just love all the songs, especially I’ve Got A Dream and I See The Light. 

11. I’m 5’7″. It is what it is. 

12. Favourite TV show has got to be Brooklyn Nine-Nine. If anybody out there knows an irl Jake Peralta, tell him to hmu. 

13. My favourite band is Twenty Øne Piløts. Their music has helped me through some tough points, and also Josh is literally one of my favourite humans on this planet. 

14. I can play the ukulele. Or I like to say that. I also dabble in piano sometimes. Just because I’m cool. 

Thanks for reading guys! Leave a comment down below and tell me what you’re getting up to tomorrow!


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