Last Minute DIY Gifts

Hello everyone! Can you believe it’s only a week until Christmas? This year seems to have gone so quickly, but I’m so excited for what 2017 is going to bring. 
As a self-proclaimed unorganised mess, I know there’s always one person I haven’t got a present for at this point in the month, so I thought I’d share some last minute Christmas gifts that are super easy to make!

Body scrub or lip scrub

I feel like this is going quite a self promo post, but hey, did you know I did a post on some winter lip scrub recipes? You could just do the amount the recipe calls for, or make loads of it, and put it in a snazzy jar as a body scrub.

Arm knit a blanket

This might seem like a bit of a granny-ish idea, but let me tell you, I cannot think of one person who wouldn’t love a massive soft blanket. There’s so many tutorials out there, but I’ve tried this one and it worked wonders. You could also make it thinner and shorter, and knit a scarf!

Sharpie mug

Who doesn’t need a new mug? And what’s better than a personalised mug? You could write on a quote from their favourite show/movie, or maybe buy them some pens and make a mug to store them in. 

Cupcakes/ cookies

Once again, #promo here, but you could make some cupcakes and decorate them with a Christmas theme, or make my Christmas cookies, put them in a little bag/box, and they’ll love it!

Polaroid frame 

This one takes a little bit more work, but all you need is your phone, some photos of your favourite memories with the person the gift is for, a piece of card, some glue, stickers or decorations, a large frame or a corkboard, and the app LALALAB. Simply print out your pictures off on the app (use my code PGRKR312 for £5 off), wait for them to be delivered, and get started! Glue the pictures onto your card in whatever arrangement you want, decorate, and put in the frame!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great week running up to Christmas! 


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