Autumn Haul

Hello everyone! It’s the start of Blogmas (or my version of it anyway)! I’ll be posting every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, so get ready for a jam packed weekend. I thought this would be better than getting half decent posts out everyday, and stressing myself out before my sport exam (only about 5 weeks to go, eek!).
Anyway, last Sunday I went shopping with some friends, and bought some Christmas presents, and quite a few things for myself (whoops :/). Here goes!


NASA tshirt – £8

As a self confessed space enthusiast, I will admit I may have one too many space themed tshirts, and by one I mean about a million. This is a raglan style tshirt, which I think is perfect for colder days, and has a coloured NASA logo on the front. The fabric is so soft, as it usually is with Primark clothes, so I know I will get lots of use out of it. 

Black corduroy skirt
– £8

The amount of times I’ve been into Primark to try and find one of these and failed miserably is unreal, but thanks to the expert help of Alice (Surfie17), I found one in a size that would actually fit over my hips. This is such a gorgeous skirt, and is one of my favourite things I now own. 

Cactus cushion
– £3

This is definitely the best bargain I picked up today, because I was really expecting it to be more pricey. It’s quite small, so it’ll be used more as decoration than actual sleeping purposes, but I’m almost as obsessed with cacti as I am with space. It’s the cutest little thing and will likely be on my bed throughout summer too.

Eyebrow pencil – £5.99

This pencil is my life, and I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended it to every single one of my friends. I got the shade “dark brown”, and it matches so well. I love the fact it has powder in the other end so you can apply with an angled brush to more sparse areas. 

Rimmel Clearing Complexion Powder
– £3.99

I know a lot of people love the Stay Matte powder from Rimmel, but I find this one doesn’t look as cakey as other powder. My skin seems to be breaking out less now I’m using this too. 

Baby Lips Pumpkin Spice
– £2.99

Can I already say this is my ultimate autumn essential? It’s so moisturising, just like the other Baby Lips, and it smells like autumn all in one. It’s also got a shimmery nude tint to it, which I love too. 

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you’re all having a great start to December! 


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