15 I Want To Do Before I’m 15

Hi everyone! Seeing as tomorrow’s my 14th birthday (guess who’s excited?), I thought I’d do a thematically appropriate sort of post. I decided to do 14 things just for the lols and also because I’ll be fourteen so it kind of makes sense. Here goes!
1. Make a soufflé – why thank you, impossible girl, for inspiring me (if you get that I will love you forever). 
2. Go to a concert – I’m praying for UK Emotional Roadshow dates, or a Dodie concert that isn’t on a fucking Sunday
3. Fully learn a song on either ukulele, guitar, or piano – very unrealistic, but why not set goals I’ll probably never achieve?
4. Start a new sport – see point 3, but maybe volleyball or hockey?
5. Do a colour run – do I need to explain?
6. Read 45 books – because I tried doing 50 this year and that failed lol. 
7. Find my ultimate lip colour – please let it be cheap. 
8. Visit another country – I mean, I’m going to Italy for a school ski trip, so this one is kind of already ticked off. 
9. Write someone a letter – any international pen pals out there?
10. Be able to do the splits – yet again, point 3 comes to mind, but also yet again, why not?
11. Have a party – like with actual people. 
12. Learn to count to 10 in 5 languages – gonna go for German, Italian, Swedish, Irish, and Russian?
13. Watch the Die Hard series – doing it for Peralta. 
14. Get a job – I just want money. 
15. Finish my fucking Lego campervan – right I got this for my 13th birthday, built a bit of it then couldn’t find a piece so kind of gave up? And it’s definitely not going to happen in a day with nails I’ve got atm. 
Thanks for reading guys! Leave a comment down below and tell me when your birthday is!


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