September Favourites

Hi everyone! Sorry about not posting last week, I was doing my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, and was a bit stressed packing my bag. Anyways, enough rambling, let’s get started. 

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Tin (8/10)

I’m pretty sure this is the only lip balm I’ve been using for the whole of this month, which is quite unusual for me. I just love the way it’s so hydrating without being sticky or greasy. It smells so good, and is definitely going to be used a lot during autumn/winter time. 
Soap & Glory Foam Call body wash (7.5/10)

I’ve been using this every time I have a shower, and my skin feels so smooth and silky afterwards. I like the fact it has a pump because I always seem to pour out too much product, and this is a really big bottle too. 

Throne of Glass series (9.5/10)

Oh. My. God. I have genuinely never read a series more enthralling than this. Celeana is one of my favourite characters I’ve ever read, and I can tell I’m going to reread this so many times (once I’ve finished it, that is). If you enjoy anything to do with assassins, adventure, fantasy, romance, or are just looking for an amazing book, read this. 


Wild World – Bastille (9/10)

As I said in my last post, this album is amazing. My favourite song is definitely Lethargy, but Warmth, and The Anchor are strong contenders for second. The album has quite an indie vibe, which I’m not usually into, but Bastille are my actual babes, so I couldn’t not like this. 

Mr Robot (9.5/10)

I only started this series a week ago because I got the Amazon Prime free trial and I’d heard great things, so I thought I’d give it a go. I’m actually obsessed. Quite a few reasons too. 1) Rami Malek is a banger. 2) lesbians portrayed like normal people. 3) although mental health is a major plot point, it’s not exploited like it usually is. 4) plot line is actually un-fucking-believable. 

So that’s my September favourites! I’ve had such a good month, and I’m really looking forward to getting more into autumn so come back next week for my Autumn Essentials! 


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